Julie Carpenter

Horsemanship from the Heart



“What brings a softness and understanding between horse and rider is clarity.” - Julie Carpenter

Julie Carpenter’s experiences as a horse trainer, yoga instructor and life coach have served to make her uniquely qualified to offer riders from all walks of life a way to better their partnership with their horse. This California resident works out of two facilities – one in Santa Cruz, California and the other in Jackson, California. Julie offers one on one lessons, clinics and retreats, and is dedicated to helping her students and their horses.


When a horse's thought is more important than the rider's thought, resistance builds. When there is clarity in what a horse is being asked, a horse can learn to let go of a thought – to relax and submit willingly to a rider’s direction. When the horse is not resisting, muscles can relax and stretch, allowing the horse’s overall development and balance to occur naturally.


Julie has applied this philosophy to her approach to horsemanship. She has learned, not only is it important for a rider to communicate in a way that provides clarity and is not troubling to the horse, that riders also grow and benefit as they learn these principles.


All of these elements have led to Julie’s development of, and foundation for, Horsemanship from the Heart.






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