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 “My friend suggested I check out Julie and I started an unexpected journey of the heart, mind and spirit. My horses and I are in such a great spot now. I never would have found it without Julie.” - Leslie
“Horsemanship from the Heart has proven to be extremely successful in helping horses and their owners work through issues to become happier partners.” - Julie Carpenter



Julie Carpenter has pursued her passion for horses for the last twenty years. Julie considers herself a student of the horse. She is committed to further defining and refining her skills as she continues to learn from the horses and her peers.



Julie has found that many horses that have been ridden for years often

have underlying worries that can cause problems for their riders. Others

have never been “started” and just need to be introduced to a human-

horse relationship. These experiences, along with her own horsemanship

abilities, have resulted in the development of Horsemanship from the Heart.


Julie's experience as a Certified Transformational Coach, Personal Empowerment Trainer, Yoga instructor and group facilitator continue to be invaluable aids in her horsemanship. Both her horsemanship and Life Coaching clients benefit from her keen desire to help people. She connects with each student in an atmosphere of positive energy, inspiration, clarity, enthusiasm and love. Her goal is to assist clients in identifying and developing their own inner strengths to more fully enjoy life.


The cornerstone of Julie’s approach to horsemanship is clear and honest communication, with the intention of helping the horse to understand the rider’s request without causing worry in the horse.


Clear communication with your horse requires basic rider skills. While they appear to be simple, they can only be learned by doing. Julie breaks down each skill into its most simple part, offering encouragement and support to each student through the process of learning and improving these skills.


This is an ongoing process that builds trust, confidence, understanding and communication between rider and horse.



















For the Horse

Julie makes sure the basics are firmly in place before asking more of a horse. In that way, the horse (and rider) develop confidence in successfully negotiating the little things before undertaking larger tasks or challenges.


For the Rider

Julie incorporates exercises designed to build confidence and develop relaxation in the rider in much the same way as she does the horse. While some may be reluctant to embrace yoga exercises in helping them to better horsemanship, Julie points out that it is not about how flexible you are.  Flexibility may be one of the benefits attained, but her overall goal is to teach you how to identify, recognize and leverage your own inner strength that culminates in a successful partnership with your horse.


For additional information about Julie’s life coaching, please visit her website at www.awakenthetruth.com

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