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Private Lessons

Whether the owner chooses to observe, engage in discussion and question/answer while Julie schools the horse, or prefers to receive instruction during a private lesson or participate in a clinic, horses and owners undertake the learning process together. This creates a solid foundation and building of confidence as horse and rider progress.

























Ride in a group environment where Julie uses communicative and stress free methods working with each horse and rider.


Yoga Horsemanship Retreat

The yogi principles of balance, alignment, stillness and being in the present

moment all benefit rider and horse. These Retreats have proved popular and

beneficial to Julie’s students, and are designed to welcome all skill levels.

Check the Upcoming Events page for upcoming Retreats.


Horsemanship Trail Camp

Arena to Trail Camp in the beautiful Sierra Foothills. The camp works on

ground work to saddle, and arena to trail, refining the art of communication

between horse and rider. Build confidence on important basics in the arena

that continues out on the trail. contact Julie to get on the email list for flyers

on this event.


Training for Horses

From colt starting to horses with issues, training starts with creating and

reinforcing a solid foundation and progresses towards performance.




Horsemanship from the Heart is offered at facilities in Jackson, California

and Santa Cruz, California. Appointments are available at your own

location (travel fees may apply). Hosted clinics at other facilities are also

offered. Please check the Schedule page for upcoming clinics.



“What makes Julie such a great trainer is her ability to train the person as well as the horse. I have never seen a trainer who is as patient and kind to both halves of the equation.” -Nikki

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